How Much Content Do You Need to Start a Blog?

How Much Content Do You Need to Start a Blog?

any beginner bloggers wonder about how much content they should have ready when they launch their blog.

“How many blog posts should I start with? Do I need to have 10 posts ready? 1? None? What’s the right number?”

Ask any experienced blogger, and you’ll get a variety of answers. But they do agree on one thing when it comes to this question:

There’s a big difference between the ideal situation and reality.

Ideally, people will have planned a ton of content that’s ready to publish and more blog post ideas they can write in the future. In reality, most people write a whole bunch at the beginning because they’re excited about the new venture and then taper off.

To help you avoid these two extremes when you start your new blog, we summarized a few strategies you can use for your blog. Use them to create a solid foundation for it and create a great blog people will keep coming back to.

Ready? Let’s go.

2 Ways to Launch Your Blog

When you start a blog, you’re probably excited about getting going. Most bloggers end up launching in one of two ways:

Launch Type 1 – Launch as Fast as Possible

  • You just set up blog hosting, pick a WordPress theme that’s good enough, and get your blog “out there.”
  • You write and publish a bunch of posts at the start and then taper off as you run out of ideas and energy.
  • You publish a few more posts over the next few weeks but stop when you get caught up in tweaking your blog’s design. Or because you’re researching some new plugins that’ll help you monetize it in the future.
  • You might even publish a few posts and taper off because you took a long time to write your third and fourth posts. That discourages you because you “think” you need to be publishing daily or weekly, so you give up and stop posting.

Launch Type 2 – Plan Your Blog Launch

You follow the advice of some SEO and blogging experts who say to have a whole bunch of blog posts to publish on launch day, a few drafts outlined, and a list of 20-30 post ideas lined up for research and writing before launching.

This can be a lot of work.

After all, writing a blog requires more than just brainstorming a few ideas. You’ve got to:

  • Outline each blog post
  • Find relevant stats or research for it
  • Draft your blog post
  • Weave in relevant keywords so you’ll get traffic from search results
  • Insert images to make your posts visually appealing

No WONDER most people don’t do it all that when they launch their blogs!

Successful bloggers will have done both of these strategies and more. They’ll tell you they wished they’d taken the time to plan out their launch to build a successful blog that was sustainable right from



This article was written by Julia and originally published on Blog Tyrant.

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