In Conversation with Agency Guru Brent Weaver of the Aptly Named UGURUS

In Conversation with Agency Guru Brent Weaver of the Aptly Named UGURUS

We at Cloudways are thrilled to kick off our new Agency Guru interview series with agency owner extraordinaire, Brent Weaver of UGURUS.

Brent started developing websites at the tender age of 15, the beginning of a storied career working with top businesses and nonprofits. For 13 years, he ran a digital agency called HotPress Web. Two years before selling it, he started an information product business called BC Gurus. And in 2013, he founded a business coaching and training program, UGURUS, which trains small digital agencies and web design/developer freelancers.

Brent has a reputation for wearing multiple hats, including those of prominent marketing consultant and business coach. So let’s get into it with the man himself!

Cloudways: When you launched your first website at the age of 15, did you have any idea it would lead down this road? What were the turning points that helped you evolve in your professional journey?

Brent: No idea. I’m a bit older now, and I’m not 100% sure exactly what 15-year-old Brent was thinking about, but I’m certain I wasn’t spending much time thinking about old man Brent. I think it was my inner inventor. Creator. Just tinkering and obsessing and wanting to make something cool and show other people what was possible.

I love the idea of connecting people. Whether it’s by sharing information about computer games (one of my very first websites), or these days, helping people all across the globe believe that what they do is valuable and teach them the skills they need to win with their agency.

But it was mostly an obsession. I had a copy of Photoshop on this 100mb Zip Disk and I would take it to my school and run it on the class computers while my teachers were talking about Biology or American Literature or whatever. I’d be working on new site design (painfully slow) just so I could upload it later that night and impress the other guys who were working on the website with me.

I’m super thankful to 15-year-old Brent for having the guts to stay focused on what interested him and to learn about this stuff on his own. I think being able to educate myself and allow my interests to drive what I was learning at the time has been an incredibly valuable skill. I’m 38 now and I’ve never stopped learning.

Cloudways: Digital transformation is the need of the year, so let’s get to it. How quick was UGURUS to adapt to the new normal? Can you elaborate on the process you adopted in this new phase? What common problems have you seen digital agency owners grappling with as they undergo the transformation process?

Brent: Holy smokes, what a year. Last year at our annual agency owner conference, USUMMIT, my opening keynote was titled: Reinvent Yourself. I had no idea how prescient that topic was going to be. I’ve had a ton of my clients reach out and say “thank you,” because they felt like that talk prepared them mentally about the need to constantly reinvent their businesses –



This article was written by Arsalan Sajid and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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