How to Create an Anonymous Blog Using WordPress (and Why You’d Want To)

How to Create an Anonymous Blog Using WordPress (and Why You’d Want To)

Do over-sharers bug you? Maybe you want to speak your truth, tell your story or share your opinions (the ones that aren’t shared by the majority), and you don’t need credit when doing it. Privacy still exists, and you can shout your beliefs from your anonymous blog without anyone finding out who’s behind the curtain.

There are a number of reasons to start a blog without having your name plastered all over it. Maybe you’d like to keep your identity hidden from a boss, your parents, a spouse or the people you’re writing about. If you write about hot button issues or you have a radical view on a topic, you may want to avoid blowback on social media. Or, maybe you just don’t want extra attention. With WordPress, it’s possible to blog anonymously, keeping your identity and personal information safe and sound. (FYI, journalists and whistleblowers who are involved in high-risk content should use more advanced methods, like Tor.)

But First: Reasons to Not Create an Anonymous Blog

If you think you want to blog anonymously, you may want to reflect on the following before going incognito.

You want to do bad things online

Whether or not your identity is hidden, it’s still illegal to bully someone online or slander a person or company. You also can’t share illegal or offensive content, and you probably shouldn’t start a blog simply to spread lies. If someone wants to come for you (like the government or a talented hacker), they’ll find you no matter how private you think you’re being.

Your life will be ruined if you’re found out

While you may not want people to know your identity, and while you can take all of the steps available to keep yourself protected, think about the consequences if you are outed. It’s possible even if it’s not probable. If you can’t live with the consequences, or if they go far beyond basic embarrassment or that feeling of exposure you’re trying to avoid, it’s probably best you don’t start the blog.

You don’t have a ton to say about the topic

Let’s say there’s a topic you want to talk about anonymously, but you only have an article or two in you about it. Don’t go through the trouble of setting up an entire blog. Instead, guest blog under a pen name. You’ll tap into an already-existing audience and won’t have to go through the trouble of building your own.

There’s an outlet out there for whatever you’re interested in writing about. Find it, pitch a piece, and make sure your byline has your pseudonym instead of your real name. You can even conduct the outreach via a fake email address and under a pen name if you want.

Benefits of Starting an Anonymous Blog

Now let’s talk about all the perks of creating an anonymous blog. Basically, you can say whatever your heart desires with minimal, or at least restrained, backlash.

Limitless creativity

You may feel like you can get more creative when you’re not worried about people knowing



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