How to Create a FullWidth Page in WordPress With a Free Plugin

How to Create a Full-Width Page in WordPress With a Free Plugin

Need to create a full-width page in WordPress? That is, a page where the content takes up the full width of your site and there’s no sidebar to get in the way?

Unfortunately, not all WordPress themes come with their own full-width templates, which might be why you’re reading this post.

Don’t worry, though. We’re going to share how you can use a 100% free plugin to add a full-width layout to any WordPress theme – no technical knowledge required.

Let’s get started…

Why some themes don’t include full-width page templates

Every page you visit features a different template. Some of them have footers, others have massive hero sections, a few have hidden menus, and myriad other layouts. However, we can break down most page layouts into two categories: with and without sidebars.

Sidebar-only templates don’t allow you to get rid of that element. Although sidebars can be helpful in many cases, a specific design may not call for it. As such, you’ll often feel stuck (or at least limited in your choice of theme.)

Most modern themes enable you to use full-width templates with any of your pages. However, some themes don’t provide the same level of flexibility. This can be a dealbreaker, but switching themes is often too much of a hassle.

To check if your theme already includes a full-width template, create or edit a WordPress page and expand the Template drop-down under Page Attributes in the sidebar. If your theme already includes a full-width template, you can use that.

Some themes, like the free Neve theme, also give you additional page settings to control the width of your page:

If your theme doesn’t offer built-in settings to control page width, keep reading to learn how to use a free full-width page WordPress plugin to add this feature to any theme.

How to create a full-width template in WordPress (two methods)

Using WordPress means you can modify any aspect of your website’s experience and design, and themes are no exception. With the right approach, you can add full-width templates to any theme.

1. Use the Fullwidth Templates plugin

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a plugin to help you add full-width templates to your theme.

Using the free Fullwidth Templates plugin, you can set up a layout without a sidebar, page title, and comments section for any of your pages or posts.

The plugin also includes other templates out of the box. There’s a ‘no-sidebar’ template that doesn’t touch any other element, and a blank option if you want to start from scratch.

Using the plugin is easy – simply install and activate it, and the new template options will show up in the Page Attributes section when you edit any page or post:



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