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Get started with your business decisions in WordPress by creating a Google Site Kit as one of your many tools to use online. Creating a Google Site Kit as a tool in WordPress lets you use several SEO tools like Google Analytics for doing that statistical business analysis. So, if you wish to create a Google Site Kit in your WordPress account, this article will help you.

Overview of Google Site Kit in WordPress

Google Site Kit is one of the most popular SEO tools plugin available for streamlining and marketing of blogs online on WordPress. Using this plugin in WordPress, lets you add and retrieve data directly to your admin dashboard. Writers and bloggers in WordPress are often known to use Google Site Kit to check their milestones in the market.

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Reasons for Creating ‘Google Site Kit’ Plugin in WordPress

Now, before creating a Google Site Kit plugin in WordPress, you must know why you should do this practice in WordPress. Firstly, creating a Google Site Kit allows you to manage more than one product on WordPress. Not only this, it even provides all milestones and statistics for analysis on your admin dashboard.

How to Add ‘Google Site Kit’ in WordPress?

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It is a well-known fact that WordPress alone holds the power of 35% of all internet users in the world. This was one of the many reasons why Google collaborated with WordPress to provide the plugin of the Google Site Kit. This WordPress plugin enables you to utilize several Google tools like Google Analytics, Google Drive, and photos, along with other Google apps, to help you streamline your business. Here is how you can add a Google Site Kit plugin in WordPress.

Install and Authorise that Google Site Kit plugin

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