How to Create an Online Course with WordPress and LMS Plugins

How to Create an Online Course with WordPress and LMS Plugins

Creating online courses in WordPress is easier than ever with the help of some amazing LMS (Learning Management Systems) plugins. It’s a great business model, considering the low startup costs, profits, ability to share your knowledge, and flexibility.

What’s that? I think I hear the school bell ringing. So, let’s get to it…

Here’s a bit of what I’ll be going over:

  • Why even launch an online course using WordPress?
  • Do you need an LMS plugin?
  • 3rd party sites (and why they’re probably not best)
  • Creating online courses in WordPress
  • 3 good WordPress LMS plugins: their features, prices, and details (including how to create one for FREE)
  • Examples of what the courses look like with each plugin

And with that, this class is in session!

If you’ve been considering launching online courses, you’re not alone. They’re growing in popularity and it doesn’t look like they’re going away any time soon.

The online course market is massive (we’re talking billions). That’s no lousy teacher’s salary.

If you have some knowledge you want to share, like coaching folks on how to build amazing WordPress plugins, maybe demonstrating what it takes to bake grandma’s famous oatmeal cookies, or possibly it’s teaching squirrels how to water ski, creating online courses might be right for you.

To get moving, you essentially just need a computer, the internet, and a microphone doesn’t hurt (audio quality is always a good thing).

Why launch one?

Why not? You can have access to students worldwide! Plus, unlike real classrooms, there’s no opportunity for an unruly student to draw an unflattering picture of you on the chalkboard.

There are a lot of options out there to get you up-and-running with your online courses. This day and age, you can create your profitable LMS virtual university in no time.

So, I’ll try to teach you a few things about online courses. As your teacher, feel free to bring me an Apple. (Not quite as tasty as the fruit version, but I get more work done.)

Now that class has started, we’ll figure out the best way to set up your online courses.

We’ll assume that you’ve done your homework. You have a great topic, tested your audience to see if there’s a market, and are go for launch.

Let’s tap on the brakes a second. Do you NEED an LMS platform?

Well, not always…

Let’s say you have a one-off course or just a video series you can send to your students via email. You know — simple stuff.

Or, you’re going to coach them individually and develop lesson plans specifically for the students.

If that’s the case, it might not be worth diving-in to everything it takes to make a complete LMS, or online courses. Instead, maybe just have your students contact you, purchase them, or enroll with the help of an online form plugin like Forminator.

But, okay. You want to create a complete



This article was written by Nathanael Fakes and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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