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How to Create a Sticky Element in WordPress Without Writing Even One Line of Code - WP Pluginsify

A sticky element is an element with a position that is based on the user’s scroll percentage. It shifts between relative and fixed, depending on that percentage. For example, if you have some sort of header on your website that stays visible even when you are scrolling, that is a sticky element because it sticks in one position and does not move.

CSS allows you to program sticky elements using the CSS property called position and the property value sticky. There are other property values as well, such as static, relative, absolute, fixed, etc. 

Static and relative make an element stay in place the whole time, but absolute and fixed don’t.  Instead, when you are scrolling, they create a floating element. Using these properties sounds simple in theory, but it is actually pretty difficult, especially for someone doing it for the first time.

In order to do it the correct way, you have to know that a sticky element has two main parts, the sticky container and the sticky item. The sticky item is the element that we used position: sticky on. The sticky container is the HTML element that wraps the sticky itemIt represents the area in which the sticky item can float and can not go beyond.

I could go on and on about sticky elements and how they are created, but I am already a bit confused, and I believe that so are you. Manually creating sticky elements is complicated, and it does not work on all browsers. That is why I will present you with something that is easier to use and does not require you to know how to code. That something is a plugin called WP Sticky.

 WP Sticky Plugin

WP Sticky

When talking about the WP Sticky plugin, the first thing that we have to mention is how fast it works. There is no need for coding whatsoever, and you can create a sticky element with just a few clicks.

With this plugin, you know exactly what something will look like before you even save it as a sticky element. Also, you can make as many sticky elements as you want or need.

WP Sticky settings page

Another great thing about WP Sticky is that it is compatible with all themes, page builders, and plugins, meaning you do not have to worry about any potential conflicts.

Certainly, a great feature is the 24/7 support you can get from the people who actually built the plugin, so you do not have to worry about a support agent not knowing how to explain something or how to solve a certain problem. This will be of huge service to you and anyone that ends up using this plugin, and it will save you many hours you would otherwise spend trying to figure out a solution.




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