10 Creative WordPress Plugins to Improve Content Workflow

10 Creative WordPress Plugins to Improve Content Workflow

1. Multiple Page Generator

? What it does: Helps you bulk-generate any type of content. You can easily create a custom template and generate multiple pieces of content using data from a spreadsheet.

Multiple Page Generator is an absolute life-saver if you ever need to bulk generate lots of content on your site.

Essentially, the plugin works like this:

  1. You collect your data in a spreadsheet. Each row in the spreadsheet represents one new piece of content and you can use the columns to store as much information as needed.
  2. You create a template and use shortcodes to indicate where you want to dynamically insert data from the spreadsheet. To create the template, you can use the native WordPress editor, your favorite page builder plugin, or even custom code if needed.
  3. Multiple Page Generator bulk generates a new piece of content for each row in your spreadsheet and fills the template using the spreadsheet’s data.

You can also bulk update pages in the future if you ever need to make changes.

This functionality can improve your content workflow in a ton of different situations, including bulk generation of the following types of content:

  • Location pages – you can create a unique page for lots of separate geographic areas (countries, states, cities, zip codes, etc.).
  • Landing pages – you can adjust your landing pages for each ad campaign for that perfect ad-to-landing-page match.
  • Product pages – you can create unique pages for every product that you offer.
  • Client pages – if you work with clients, you can quickly create a unique welcome page for each of your clients.

Because you’re probably focused on SEO if you’re using this approach, Multiple Page Generator also includes tons of useful features there, such as automatic interlinking, Schema markup, and more.

? Price: Free version. Premium version from $99.

2. Yoast Duplicate Post

Yoast Duplicate Post plugin for content workflow

? What it does: Makes it easy to duplicate individual pieces of content. It’s also great for updating old pieces of content thanks to a special feature.

Yoast Duplicate Post is a really handy plugin that does exactly



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