How to Customize Contact Us Form in Magento 2


The Magento 2 Contact Us form is a great way to reach your audience, opening the door for customers to ask business queries. While building an ecommerce store, it’s essential that you develop a way for the audience or customers to get in touch with you.

Since Magento Contact Us forms are handled at the server-side that helps in reducing the spam. It saves your time since you want your customer to be specific and collect the exact information you want from them. Ultimately, it helps you in serving them better with consistency.

So in this blog, I will explain how to enable the Contact Us form for Magento 2 if you haven’t done so yet. Further, I will look at how to customize the  Magento Contact Us form and add custom fields.

Let’s get started.

How to Enable Magento 2 Contact Us Form

To enable the Magento 2 Contact Us page section, you need to follow these steps. 

Step #1: Log in to your Magento admin with the right credentials.

Step #2: Navigate to Stores from the left navigation bar and select Configuration.

Magento Store Configuration

Step #3: Navigate to Contact under the section of General.

Magento Contact

Step #4: This lets you see the settings of the Magento 2 Contact Us form. Make sure to select “Yes” to enable the contact us line and proceed to the email options:

Magento Contact Us Setting

Step #5: For this section, add your email to the “Send Emails” field. Select the Email Sender from the drop-down menu and choose an Email Template. If you don’t have any custom email, choose the Contact Form Default.

Magento Contact Us Email Option

Step #6: Hit the Save Config and see the applicable changes in your store link.



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