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How to Customize Email Signatures and Make the Best Out of Them - WP Pluginsify

Being professional is important today. The competition between companies is increasing every day and it is getting harder and harder to attract customers and to keep them as your repeat clients. That is why making sure you are professional, reliable, but also friendly is crucial if you wish to gain and keep your customers. It is not always about just having a good product or offering a good service. It is also about customer service, user experience, and the overall vibe of your company.

If you are working in the financial/banking sector, are offering services to your clients, or are an entrepreneur with his/her own company, you probably know (or should know) the importance of email signatures. Having an email signature signals you know how to be professional and have effective communication with your clients. Even though your clients don’t really expect to see that in an email, it is really obvious something is missing if one company has it and another one doesn’t. And guess which company a potential client is going to choose? The one that seems more professional, of course!

Emails are still widely used in every sector and every industry, and having an email signature is important for establishing an identity. You always want to appear serious, professional, and authoritative.

What is an Email Signature

In case you don’t know what email signatures are, here is a short recap. Email signatures are a combination of words that are added to the conclusion of each email you send out. It can be added automatically or with a click of the mouse. It is basically a business card in an email. It should present all of the important information, such as your name, contact number, work experience, and a title or your job in the company you are representing.

A growing number of companies have an email signature and use it in their marketing to show professionalism, create brand recognition, and provide info about the company.

Naturally, your email signature needs to be visually appealing and have a clear design. For that, you should use consistent fonts and colors, make sure it is responsive on all devices, and, if needed, have a legal disclaimer that can include confidentiality or copyright to certain information.

However, you also need to make sure all of your employees have the same email signature layout and design since you want to portray an image of consistency. All of this can seem like quite a hassle to do. Checking everybody’s emails, making sure the signature is the same, keeping an eye on everyone. It almost sounds impossible. That is why you should use an email signature generator.

Best Email Signature Generator


Scribe is a tool designed to create great customizable email signatures along with banners and calls to action. It also makes sure all of the emails are



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