A Deep Dive into Twenty TwentyTwo and WordPress Block Themes

Twenty Twenty-Two

Although a bit later than originally planned, we’re getting a new WordPress default theme. Its name is Twenty Twenty-Two!

The new WordPress default theme comes with the upcoming WordPress 5.9 release. We were curious to learn more about the new theme, so we installed and tested Twenty Twenty-Two on a local development environment running WordPress 5.9.

We’ll show you our results before wrapping up our thoughts to bring you an in-depth overview of the ins and outs of the new WordPress theme.

A preview of Twenty Twenty-Two, the new WordPress default theme (Image source: WordPress.org)

Twenty Twenty-Two has been designed to be the most flexible, lightweight, and customizable default theme ever. It provides a great playground for testing blocks, patterns, and templates.

Being a block theme, it will help you better explore Full Site Editing, Global Styles, Navigation blocks, and the new image galleries, which are the most awaited features coming with WordPress 5.9.

We have to say right away that Twenty Twenty-Two is the first default block theme!

One of the most ambitious goals of the new theme is to empower users. With so many patterns and templates available out the box, users can build complex layouts with only a few clicks. The rest is just style customization.


Twenty Twenty-Two will be released with WordPress 5.9. The theme is still under development at the time of this writing, and what is reported here could change significantly before the final release.

From a technical point of view, writing about Twenty Twenty-Two is not much different from writing about the latest and most powerful features coming with WordPress 5.9. But Twenty Twenty-Two provides us with a magnifying glass to better appreciate the new site editing features and get a better idea of the platform’s future.

So here we are to introduce you to the new theme.

First, we’ll explore the new site editing flow that users will experience with WordPress 5.9 and Twenty Twenty-Two.

After that, we’ll dive into the main block theme features implemented in Twenty Twenty-Two. You’ll get to know Global Styles, block patterns, templates, and template parts.

But there’s a lot more to say about Twenty Twenty-Two and WordPress block themes. So, as a bonus chapter, we’ll provide a quick overview of how to extend Twenty Twenty-Two’s features by taking advantage of the theme.json file.



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