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What are Kadence Blocks

If you’ve ever created a WordPress site and found yourself frustrated with customizing immovable content areas, Kadence Theme just introduced a new way to accomplish theme building and custom templates with Kadence Elements Templates.

The possibilities for customizing your WordPress site with Kadence Elements Templates are truly endless. And whether you’re a developer or a beginner, it’s easy to get started with all the power of Kadence Theme.

In this post, we’ll unpack Kadence Elements Templates, how to get started, and a few tips for harnessing all the power of these theme-building tools.

What you’ll learn in this post:

What are Kadence Elements Templates?

In WordPress, content areas are usually immovable and locked in unless you know how to get into the code and customize your site for your specific needs. Kadence Theme’s Elements Templates are a no-code method of displaying content the way you want it displayed.

Kadence Elements Templates give you theme-building functionality so you have granular control over the display of your content on your site. Even if your site seems locked into a certain way of displaying content, Kadence Elements Templates unlocks your content and gives you the keys to choosing how content is displayed. This unlocks incredible power for you as a site developer or designer.

The features in Kadence Elements Templates help site owners create themes that dynamically show content based on a number of parameters, all found within Kadence Elements. Kadence Elements has been available for a while, but with this recent update, you can now find these new theme-building tools under “Templates.”

Example Use Cases for Kadence Elements Templates

The sky really is the limit in how you combine Kadence Elements Templates settings to customize the experience on your website!

Here are some example use cases for Kadence Elements Templates:

  • Building a custom blog layout.
  • Customizing an individual blog post or category view.
  • Customizing the archive of a custom post type.
  • Styling individual posts in custom post type.
  • Making a custom page title/hero area

Kadence Elements Templates are the best, no-code necessary way to create these unique experiences that improve your WordPress site’s ability to convert site visitors into site customers.

Video Overview of Theme Building with Kadence Elements Templates

The in-depth video below walks through theme building with Kadence Elements Templates.



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