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Everything You Need to Know About Design Systems - Elementor

One of the most dangerous problems in product design is design duplication, which leads to fragmentation, and fragmentation leads to inconsistency. Identifying duplication of design elements helps a team to avoid the scenario in which team members build an element from scratch only to find that a similar version of it already exists.

That’s why classifying all the visual components within the product should be the first task that the design team does before building a design system. You need to look at the visual qualities of your design elements. This activity has two goals:

  1. Highlight the areas with the most significant inconsistencies within the product.
  2. Identify the most important and most used elements and components of the product.

A UI audit is a multi-step process. It’s essential to identify principal UI properties such as colors, fonts, imagery first, and only then, analyze how these properties are to be used in the components. Use a tool like CSS Stats to see how many unique colors, typefaces you have in your style sheets.

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