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DevKinsta: The Latest Free Local WordPress Development Tool - WP Mayor

There are a lot of local development tools that you can use to create new websites and test projects. Few of them, however, are built with WordPress in mind, and DevKinsta is the latest tool to join their ranks.

Unlike regular local development environments, DevKinsta is built specifically for WordPress. As you might imagine from its name, the team behind DevKinsta is the same one behind the Kinsta managed WordPress hosting service.

In this article, we’re going to see what DevKinsta is all about, take it for a test run, and talk about who should consider using this tool. Let’s get to it!

An Introduction to DevKinsta


Kinsta is one of the most well-known names when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. They offer built-in staging functionality as part of every plan and now, with DevKinsta, you can also create local WordPress testing environments.

DevKinsta enables you to launch or ‘spin up’ new local WordPress websites using a stack that includes:

Thanks to Docker containers, DevKinsta provides you with isolated environments for each local WordPress website. That means you can use different server configurations, WordPress and PHP versions for each site, depending on what you need.

DevKinsta’s goal is to provide you with the easiest way to test new projects locally. It can enable you to launch websites in a matter of minutes, access their database at the touch of a button, and even interact with them via the command line.

The tool also includes email inboxes for each website you spin up and it enables you to keep debugging logs, which makes it ideal for troubleshooting purposes.

As you might imagine, DevKinsta also integrates with its parent hosting service. If you use Kinsta, you can download copies of your sites, work on them locally, then push them to staging environments with a click (as long as you have the permissions for it!).

DevKinsta is available for both Windows and macOS devices and the company behind it boasts that the service will be free forever.

A Hands-On Experience Using DevKinsta

Getting started using DevKinsta is simple. You don’t need to sign up for an account to download the tool – just go to the DevKinsta homepage, click on the download button, fill out some contact information and you’re good to go:

Download DevKinsta

The installation process may take a few minutes since DevKinsta needs to set up Docker and download the necessary containers



This article was written by Will Morris and originally published on WP Mayor.

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