15 Digital Detox Tips That Actually Work in

15 Digital Detox Tips That Actually Work in 2021

We’re living in the digital era when most things happen online. This is inevitable because technology is part of our lives, especially if we’re working eight hours a day from a computer. But it turns out to be a real threat to our general wellness when we forget to disconnect and spend the entire day online, so a few digital detox tips can be a good starting point to (re)calibrate and find balance.

In this post, we will be tackling ways to resist the urge of being permanently online and constantly checking your phone when you have no real reason to do that. Every habit can be trained, so read further through our digital detox tips to mitigate your internet addiction.

15 digital detox tips to spend less time online ?

What exactly can you do to limit the time you spend online? We propose 15 digital detox tips that you should try for yourself:

Take work breaks away from screens

If you’re working full-time from your computer, try not to spend your breaks watching videos or scrolling on your phone because it will make you feel more tired. Stand up, move, and do something that doesn’t imply staring at screens. E.g. go for a short walk, do a quick workout, wash your mug, make a tea, look out the window, etc.

All these fresh breaks add up and energize you for when you’re back at the computer. You also give your eyes time to rest, which will take away the feeling of tiredness at the end of your workday. Looking at screens for hours can cause eye strain, but you can keep it under control by following the 20-20-20 rule (look away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of looking at a screen)[1].

When you take a break but still put your brain at work reading news or checking social media, you only fill your memory with probably useless information that will affect your efficiency in what actually matters to you.

Go out after work

If you didn’t manage to go out for a break during your work schedule, make sure you do it afterward, even for 15 minutes. You need to disconnect from a full day in front of a screen and relax a bit even when you don’t have specific plans that entail leaving home. You don’t need a reason to go outside, actually spending time away from a screen makes for a good enough reason.

Mute notifications – you probably do not need them

Out of all the apps that are active on your phone, how many are truly essential? Social media apps fall under the unessential category because nothing urgent ever happens on social media. If someone wants to communicate something important to you, they won’t do it via Facebook or Instagram.

The information you are getting when a notification pops up on your screen is not worth your time at any hour or moment when you’re supposed to take care of your health and mental wellness. You can set a specific time a day when you can check private messages, newsletters, magazines, and whatever else you keep active on your phone.

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