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eCommerce Marketing for 2021: Propelling Your Brand to Success - WPArena

The world of eCommerce has forever been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has swept the globe. Online retailing is one of the only industries in the world which has actually seen significant growth due to the pandemic.

In fact, many eCommerce businesses have reported Black Friday-like sales for every day during hard lockdowns. With higher traffic, conversions, and sales, eCommerce stores are having to grow their operations and streamline their processes rapidly.

Non-online retailers are having to look at pivoting their business completely and having to expand into the eCommerce space. So, whether you are an existing eCommerce store, looking to pivot your brick-and-mortar business, or looking to kickstart your online empire, we took a look at a few strategies you will need to get your business to where it should be.

1. Strategize Your Social Media Posts

Don’t just go into social media blind. Start with a plan, content strategy, and calendar to make sure you are getting the right content seen by the right audiences.

We highly advise that you spend some time researching and understanding your customer and audience. Each platform is different too and will have different followers, who might have different demographics, interests, and behaviors.

TikTok is generally a younger audience looking to be entertained. Facebook has a much bigger demographic, and users could possibly be looking for educational content and to be informed on the platform. Instagram, on the other hand, tends to be a more visual platform. There is less content required, but more hashtags and keywords than Facebook.

It is also advisable to research the optimum time to post content on each platform. Each platform has its peak times of interest and traffic. The best time to post on Instagram might not, for example, be the same as Facebook. So, research it, and track the success of each posting time for your company.

This might seem incredibly resource-intensive, but luckily, there are a number of online tools that allow you to schedule content for the day across the platforms, which will be sent out at the allocated times.

It is also important to keep in mind that your content needs to be uniform across the platforms. Keep themes uniform for the week, and keep your content similar, simply altering the formatting and post structure according to the platform.

2. Launch an App to Increase Conversion Rates

Apps not only enhance engagement with your customers but significantly increase the conversion rates and lower cart abandonment. Once a customer downloads the app and enters their details and information, they will not need to do it again. One of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment is due to the lengthy processes of filling out endless forms.

Customers simply do not want to re-fill out lengthy forms on sites or have to create profiles more than once. In fact, should the customer be



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