How to Edit Your Sidebar in WordPress

How to Edit Your Sidebar in WordPress

o you want to learn how to edit your WordPress sidebar? Customizing your WordPress sidebar can help you build your email list, encourage visitors to engage with your website, and more.

WordPress comes with a ton of really cool features for people who want to start a new blog that’s jam-packed with originality. One such feature is the WordPress sidebar. Sidebars have a variety of uses that put all of the customization tools in the hands of you, the blogger.

But understanding how to navigate your sidebar can be a challenge. There are a mind-boggling number of options and settings, and it can seem overwhelming at first.

Don’t worry, we have your back. Today we are going to look at the following topics:

Let’s get started!

A sidebar is a part of your website where you can display other information that’s not part of the main content on your website. Your sidebar can appear on a specific blog post or on every page of your website.

Most people consider sidebars to only take up, well, the side portions of their website. But the truth is, other areas qualify as sidebar space. Here’s a simple graphic to show you where sidebars are located when you use WordPress. 


You can add widgets within the sidebar to create a website that is truly one of a kind.

We bet you’re wondering, “Okay, but what are sidebar widgets?”

We’re glad you asked!

Widgets are basically small blocks that you can add to your sidebar. Each widget has a unique function, such as showing blog posts, website forms, ads, or social media content. When you combine widgets, you can create a layout that’s unique to your blog.

It’s important that you add sidebar functions that compliment your brand. For example, suppose you frequently use social media to reach your audience. In that case, it may be a good idea to include your social feed on your sidebar.

Adding a widget like that to your sidebar not only makes your blog look nice, but it can help you increase your followers and boost engagement on your social media profiles.

Interested in what else sidebar widgets can help you with?

Let’s take a look at some other benefits you can get from customizing your sidebar. 

Benefits of Customizing and Editing Your Sidebar

As a blogger, there are a ton of ways you can benefit from editing your sidebar. Some of the major benefits include:

Several widgets let you add a list of your best blog posts, a search bar, and direct links to your contact page. All of these features make it easier for new readers to navigate and interact with your blog.

  • Get more email subscribers




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