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As more and more people realize the advantages and convenience of online training, the eLearning industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth in its popularity. From new adopters of learning online to new players in the online coaching and training landscape, new players are entering the eLearning industry every day.

If you count yourselves amongst them and are thinking about sharing your wisdom with the world, using the web, there is a lot of work to be done.

While the process of becoming a successful online coach can vary for different people, it starts with one common step, building an online course curriculum.

Studies show that training material development is a time-consuming undertaking. In fact, a 2017 study says that developing 1 hour of eLearning training content can take anywhere between 42 and 142 hours, depending on the complexity of the subject, and a variety of other factors.

One tool that can help you bring down this time significantly is an authoring software.

So what is this authoring software, and how can they reduce the time taken to develop training content? Let’s find out:

What Is An eLearning Authoring Tool? 

As the name may have already given away, an authoring tool is designed to facilitate the process of developing (or authoring) training content. However, that’s not all it does. With the help of an authoring tool, anyone with basic knowledge of computers can create a professional-grade training course.

Creating a course

While all that sounds amazing in theory, how exactly does an authoring software help in speeding up the course development process?

Authoring tools come loaded with templates for creating eLearning slides. These templates, in most cases, work on a drag-and-drop approach and enable course creators to easily add elements like text, videos, and images to slides.

Modern authoring tools also provide the ability to create interactive scenarios within your course. This can be creating something as simple as a timeline, to more complex cyclic processes.

Without an authoring tool, creating such interactive scenarios would require some pretty in-depth coding expertise.

While authoring tools are designed to make life easier for course developers, not all authoring tools are made equal.

With hundreds of authoring tools



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