vs Beaver Builder: Tested and Compared – Which is Best?

Elementor vs Beaver Builder: Tested and Compared - Which is Best?

If you’re in the market for a functional and affordable page builder plugin for WordPress, then you should perhaps narrow things down to Elementor vs Beaver Builder.

Elementor and Beaver Builder are two of the most popular such plugins on the internet, and they do pack a lot of punch, which we hope to show you in this head-to-head comparison. ?

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

Elementor vs Beaver Builder ?

Let’s start with the basics, just in case it’s your first time ever hearing about Elementor or Beaver Builder.

Both Elementor and Beaver Builder are what we often refer to as “page building plugins for WordPress.”

What this means in practice is that they take the standard interface of WordPress and put another layer on top of it, which allows you to build somewhat complex page designs in a fully visual way.

Okay, that was a handful, so let’s break down the above point-by-point:

  • Elementor and Beaver Builder work with any WordPress website and with any WordPress theme.
  • They both come with their own original user interface, which, albeit similar, has its differences compared to the native UI of WordPress.
  • Both come with pre-made page templates to give you a head start, but you can also design things from the ground up if you so wish.
  • Both come with a range of content blocks that you can add to your pages. For example, these include blocks such as headings, videos, forms, sliders, countdown timers, galleries, testimonials, and more.
  • Both don’t require you to have any coding or programming skills walking in – they’re as beginner friendly as possible.

We’ll cover each of the above points in more detail in the following sections of this Elementor vs Beaver Builder comparison.

Let’s start with what’s usually the most interesting detail:

Pricing ?

Here’s a summary of what it’s going to cost you to use either Elementor or Beaver Builder:


Elementor is a freemium product.

The free version gives you access to the main drag-and-drop content builder/editor, 40+ content blocks, and 30+ templates.

It’s available in the official plugin directory on WordPress.org, which means that you can install it on any number of sites.

When it comes to the paid tiers, there’s quite a handful of those, but let’s start at the beginning:

Essential: $49 / year

This plan is the first major upgrade over the free tier. Here, you get:

  • 90+ content blocks,
  • 300+ page templates,
  • 10+ full website template kits (whole website designs for different purposes),
  • Theme Builder (letting you customize some native WordPress elements such as footers, headers, archive pages, and more),
  • Form



This article was written by Karol K and originally published on WinningWP.

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