Hosting: Increase Productivity, Not Complexity

Elementor Hosting: Increase Productivity, Not Complexity | Elementor

That’s why we only provide Cloud Hosting. It’s also why even our most affordable plan has extras like CloudFlare Enterprise CDN, premium SSL, and daily backups. 

The three new features we introduce today are consistent with this theme. They were created based on feedback from creators like you. 

Streamline Collaboration and Reduce Risk With Site Sharing

  • Are you a website owner who wants to share a site with a designer?
  • Are you a web creator who’s tired of logging in and out of clients’ accounts all day long?
  • Are you a team member who collaborates with others on Elementor projects?

Credential misuse is one of the most common pathways for website attacks. Providing others with access to your site with usernames and passwords may expose your site to security risks.

With our new site sharing, you can manage access directly from Elementor. As a site owner, you can work with collaborators without having to give them login credentials and being the point of contact for MFA tokens. As a creator, you can now effortlessly move between numerous projects from your My Elementor dashboard, without logging in and out to different accounts.

Page Management Made Easy With the Pages Panel

Elementor Hosting Pages Panel Elementor Hosting: Increase Productivity, Not Complexity 2

Managing your website pages should be intuitive. Switching back and forth between the WordPress Dashboard and the editor can be tiresome. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce an exclusive tool for Elementor Hosting users—the Pages Panel

Just click the pages button in the top bar to create new pages, duplicate them, rename, delete pages, and more without ever exiting the Elementor environment. It’s all about enhancing efficiency and easing your workflow.

Analytics and Performance Insights Made Simple with Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit Pre Installed Elementor Hosting: Increase Productivity, Not Complexity 3

Google Site Kit is now included with every site on Elementor Hosting, making analytics and insightful data a standard part of your web experience. This official WordPress plugin by Google equips you with easy-to-understand metrics and actionable insights directly inside your WordPress dashboard. With this tool, integrating key Google services like Google Analytics, AdSense, Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights is quick and seamless. Not only can you easily monitor website traffic, analyze performance, optimize page speed, and monetize content; it offers actionable insights into next steps that can make your website even more successful.

With all this available to you from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard, you no longer need to switch between services to gather official insights or update reports—everything is streamlined and accessible, enabling you to focus on improving user engagement and overall site effectiveness.

Focus on What’s Important, We’ll Take Care of The Rest

We add new features to Elementor Hosting every few weeks. Some are bigger than others, but they all share the same purpose: creating the ideal hosting for Elementor websites. 

Want to share your thoughts? Request features? Feel free to contact Ziv Geurts, Elementor Hosting’s Product Marketing Manager, at [email protected]

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