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Elementor Sites of the Month – June 2020 | Elementor

This bold and beautiful website was built by Sunday Studio, a branding and design studio based in Manila, Philippines. Sunday Studio provides core services such as branding, design, digital and web, as well as content development. Their mission statement as a studio is to “create brand experiences that people can resonate with and root for”.

What caught our eye about Sunday Studio’s website was the scrolling effects on their homepage, as well as their overall color scheme. They really took the traditional and versatile Hello theme and transformed it into a lively, loud and dominant appearance with cutting-edge scrolling effects. If you notice, hovering over the homepage background, a detailed, 3D illustration of outer space, causes the planet visuals to move around. The adjusted angle of the hero text gives the visitor a sense that the website is directed upwards, towards the open-ended, deep blue sky. There is definitely a tone of soaring and flying upwards to discover things you’ve never seen before. 

Scrolling down the homepage tells a story, as each ecosystem that is illustrated has subtle animations, triggered by the user’s scrolling activity. What’s more is the experience of the colors transitioning between ecosystems. The midnight blue gradually morphs into black, which morphs into dark pink, then orange, and so forth. Essentially, the vertical journey down the homepage tells a visual story of many different elements flying in the sky: parachutists, hot air balloons, butterflies, frogs and swimmers, fish, gold diggers, and so on. 

At the very bottom of the page, the looping animation of the gold digger’s headlight sliding up and down to illuminate the goldmine is a profoundly unique, impressive animation that really takes the cake. 

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This article was written by Orlee Gillis and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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