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Elementor Talks 58: The Legal Side of Website Building - Elementor

What about images that are okay to be redistributed, but they request attribution?

“So usually you need to provide attribution, in this case, like adding the name. I’d go to the furthest extent possible, meaning adding both the name, a link to the original image because a lot of times, these images are not really licensed. You’ll find images that people, well let’s say, released to the public without permission. They just found some image and decided they want to upload it and in wishful thinking, say it’s Creative Commons.

And it’s your responsibility to make sure that the places you take the images from licensed these images properly, meaning they have permission from the original author and they’re not just pirating it. Let’s say you go to YouTube and you find some channel uploading a lot of video clips of artists, and you’ll just go and embed this. And if you didn’t do the right work, if you didn’t see whether this infringes or not, if this is an official channel or not, you might be later on liable for copyright infringement as well.

That’s scary. Also, you need approval if the photography has images of people on it. You also need the approval of those people being photographed, right?

“Under Israeli law, and again, the law differs from state to state. But in terms of information law, they’re kind of a similar. You’ll need permission if you use images of people for commercial purposes, meaning if you use them for illustration purposes, then you do not need these types of permissions. If you found some image of someone in a public space not in his home, and it’s not used for advertising or to endorse some service, you will not need his permission. If you use this image to create banners or to state that that person endorses a product, then you’ll need his permission.

Again, there are exemptions. Let’s say that you develop energy drinks. Okay. And you photograph Kim Kardashian sipping your drink. So in order to publish it on your website saying, okay, Kim Kardashian likes my energy drink, here is a photo. You won’t need her permission. But if you’ll go and buy banners and signs all over saying, okay, this is my ad, then you’ll need her permission because you can’t make her endorse your product without her permission.”

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