eLumine’s AllNew ReadytoLaunch Demo Sites for LearnDash

Start on the Front Foot With eLumine’s All-New Ready-to-Launch Demo Sites for LearnDash

LearnDash has been the people’s choice for creating and offering e-learning courses for their business for a long time now.

While its easy course creation process is lauded all the time. You’ll soon realize there’s a lot more that goes into creating an actual e-learning website than what appears on the surface.

Only courses do not, an e-learning website makes!

Apart from course creation. There are tons of other elements you need to factor in a while creating an LMS website, such as:

  1. Supporting Pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us, Course Archive, Course Single, Course Templates, Course Buy, Blog Pages, etc.)
  2. Menu Setup to navigate to these pages.
  3. An eye-pleasing design for your users based on the business your LMS revolves around.

These are incredibly vital elements that help in engaging with your visitors, thus, forming the basis and foundation of your LMS website.

Configuring these settings and creating these pages is no simple task and can get tedious real quick!

However, with a theme like eLumine (designed explicitly for LearnDash), you can kickstart your e-learning website almost immediately with its Ready-to-Launch Demo sites thereby, avoiding the long hours spent in designing these pages!


eLumine - your one-stop solution for a quick business launch

eLumine – your one-stop solution for a quick business launch.

When it comes to your e-learning website, merely creating and setting up courses is considered a half-done job.

To transform your LMS into a full-fledged e-learning platform, you need to give your e-learning website the vibe it deserves.

With eLumine’s Ready-to-Launch starter sites, the designs, menu setup, and other configurations are already pre-defined for you. Which means all you have to do is import the content.

There are several benefits you stand to gain with eLumine’s all-new Ready-to-Launch demo sites for LearnDash.

Let’s Quickly Take a Look at These Benefits:

eLumine’s All-New Ready-to-Launch Demo Sites for LearnDash 1



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