An Epic Journey About Being a WordPress Services Reseller Using WPMU DEV

An Epic Journey About Being a WordPress Services Reseller Using WPMU DEV

A story of one WordPress developer’s experience – from when a client arrives, to working on web development, billing — and beyond.

This article will take you through the entire journey, from when a client first contacts you to the final result, with a quick demo of getting their site set up simply and easily, through to configurations, hosting, billing, and more. Watch as our web developer, Bob, helps Stephanie’s carwash website come alive, with all essentials included.

You’ll be getting to know Bob well in this article.

See how your journey compares, and whether you’re taking advantage of all of the tools at your disposal as a WordPress services reseller, here at WPMU DEV.

We’ll be showing how Bob:

Of course, every client, site, and situation will be different. This is a very streamlined example with Bob, where we’ll assume all goes well without back-and-forth client feedback, tweaks, and more. For the sake of a brief presentation, we’ll keep Bob’s demo fairly simple and cover the basics.

To join in on the fun, if you’re not a WPMU DEV member, give us a try for free. You’ll be able to follow along with Bob and check out hosting reselling for yourself!

The Journey Begins…

Meet Bob.

Image of Bob.“Hi!”

Bob runs a WordPress development agency. Just recently, he added hosting reselling to his services with the help of WPMU DEV.

One afternoon, as Bob was working on some business online, he heard a “ding” and noticed an email had arrived from Stephanie. Stephanie just opened up a new carwash, called That’s Awash Carwash, and she wants a new website.

Bob scrolls through the brief Stephanie provided. Some of the vital details include:

  • Hosting
  • Visuals (supplied by the client)
  • Checkout Form for Monthly Carwash Membership
  • Monthly Reports and Maintenance

Perfect. Knowing what the client wants, Bob puts together a quote and sends it to Stephanie. A day later, another email comes in. The quote’s been approved, and Stephanie is eager to have Bob create the That’s Awash Carwash website!

Now, it’s time for Bob to roll up his sleeves and get to work.

Get Started With Client Billing

Bob gets started by adding Stephanie as a client in Client Billing. Client Billing is a full-scale automated, and free billing system for WPMU DEV members and clients. It takes just a few moments to get her added (see how easy it is here).

Once she’s in the system, he sets up an invoice to collect an initial payment for his services.

Obviously, every designer has their own payment methods. Bob decided to charge $1200 for



This article was written by Martin Aranovitch and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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