eSign Here: The New Forminator 1.13 Now Features eSignature and More!

eSign Here: The New Forminator 1.13 Now Features eSignature and More!

Signed, sealed, and delivered! With the release of Forminator 1.13, you can now receive electronic signatures on your WordPress forms and take advantage of several new requested features.

Forminator‘s new eSignature addition means that visitors can sign by mouse, trackpad, or finger (with touch devices) before submitting a form. Or, if they prefer, they can even upload signatures!

Inserting an eSignature form in your WordPress site has never been so simple. Users can now sign with their own signature…

…or upload them!

I’ll show you how to quickly and easily set up a form both ways and put it to use today! Plus, I’ll fill you in on other exciting updates and upgrades to Forminator’s latest version.

This post covers:

Forminator signing-off on the eSignature update.

Let’s get write into it!

How to Create a New Form with eSignature in Forminator

You can have an eSignature form set up and ready to use in just a few minutes (or less).

Just go to the Forminator dashboard and click the Create button to create a new form. If you need help learning how to set up a form, we show you step-by-step ways to create one here.

With the new form, select the E-Signature field in the Insert Fields screen.

For this example, we’ll create a basic contact form that will include Name and Email.

Once you click those fields, hit Insert Fields to continue.

Where you’ll pick what fields you want to include.Pick the fields you want to include in your form.

Customize and edit the fields any way you want. Simply click the edit button and the Edit Field option.

What you’ll click to edit the fields.What you’ll click to edit the fields.

The Signature field has a Labels tab where you can adjust the label, placeholder, and description.

eSign Here: The New Forminator 1.13 Now Features eSignature and More! 1



This article was written by Nathanael Fakes and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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