8 Excellent Text Editors for Windows, macOS, and Linux

8 Excellent Text Editors for Windows, macOS, and Linux (2021)

When it comes to programming, nothing is arguably more heated than a debate about text editors. At times, the arguments border on fanaticism to the point that choosing the right editor almost confirms your status among your peers.

While in actuality it may not be that dramatic, selecting the right option from the plethora of text editors available is important. You have to consider your needs, the project, your current ability, and much more.

As such, this post is going to look at a number of different text editors. Throughout we’ll offer advice on which one may be more suitable. First, let’s talk more about why a dedicated text editor is necessary.

Why You’d Need a Dedicated Text Editor

In a nutshell, your choice of text editor is important enough to warrant some serious research. Among the YouTube channels and Reddit forums, you may come across some severe fanaticism for one particular editor.

While most is hyperbole and dramatics, there is sound reasoning for getting your choice right:

  • As time goes on, you get used to a particular editor and the way it works. This will speed up your work compared to a newbie to the editor.
  • One editor may offer a different ‘feel’ that suits you over another. This is obviously going to be subjective, hence the arguments.
  • Some editors offer functionality that can assist your workflow with a particular language or framework.

As such, you’ll want to consider the makeup of your perfect text editor carefully. Getting the wrong blend of features and functionality could even set you back.

What You Should Look For In a Text Editor

When it comes to the exact features you should seek out, most of it is largely subjective. However, there is a list of considerations you should keep in mind:

  • Can you export projects from one editor and import it into another?
  • Do the keyboard bindings make sense, especially if you’re coming from an editor such as Vim, which has an idiosyncratic approach to editing?
  • How well supported is the text editor, in case of issues? If there’s no active support, an open-source editor is going to be marginally more suitable.
  • Is the workflow logical to you, in as much as setting up projects and working daily using the editor?

There are many more considerations you can make, but these are going to help you narrow down your options. One thing’s for certain, you should choose a text editor based on your own needs, rather than go with forum opinions.

8 Excellent Text Editors for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Let’s take a look at the eight text editors we’ll feature. Here’s a quick summary of each one:

  1. Vim. This text editor has a reputation for a vertical learning curve. However, it’s actually intuitive to use.
  2. Atom. An open-source functional editor that has lots of ‘hackability’.
  3. Sublime Text. The ‘old man’ of premium



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