How a Fastest Hosting for WordPress Can Load Website in Just 79ms!

How a Fastest Hosting for WordPress Can Load Website in Just 79ms!

I’m sure you must have read a lot of articles with several tips to speed up a WordPress site but with little to no success. This is mainly because many WordPress users rely on frontend speedup hacks and ignore the WordPress hosting environment. Therefore, for many users, the fastest WordPress hosting is the first step to a faster-loading website.

Today, I will discuss the different types of WordPress hosting and conduct a few tests to determine how well a WordPress website performs on the fastest managed WordPress hosting like Cloudways.

Disclaimer: To achieve our fastest results, we have conducted these tests in a controlled environment!

Why You Need a Faster WordPress Hosting?

Many researchers have demonstrated that you have only 7 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. Once this window is lost, the visitor might not visit your website again. It all comes down to choosing a faster WordPress hosting to optimize the page load time of a website so that the visitors can stay and see what your site is all about.

Not only this, but Google considers page load speed (common threshold is under 2 seconds) as an important SERP ranking signal.

Types of Web Hosting

The web hosting options are typically available in four flavors:

Shared Hosting

In the web hosting industry, the term “Shared” refers to the sharing of server resources (RAM, processing capacity, storage, and bandwidth). Due to this shared environment, it is the most economical solution for users with a limited budget and little knowledge of website hosting.

In a shared hosting environment, a single server with high specifications hosts multiple users accounts with a number of websites sharing the server resources. In such a setting, if a website consumes a lot of resources, other users will encounter a slow website loading experience regardless of the optimizations you have done.

Dedicated Hosting

In the dedicated hosting environment, you own (or rent) an entire server. Unlike shared hosting, the server resources aren’t shared with anyone, allowing you to set up your own preferred and faster WordPress hosting environment.

The flip side of dedicated hosting is that you would require deep knowledge of server management. Since not every dedicated hosting user possesses these skills, you would need to hire a SysAdmin (an expensive resource) to set up and manage the server. Although no hosting solution can guarantee 100% uptime, a dedicated server is always a great choice if you have a team to set up and manage the server.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server(s). This solution is a hybrid of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. A VPS solution offers a virtual server (hosted on a single large physical server) that is not shared with other users. An advantage of VPS hosting is that you



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