How to Find Your Current WordPress Version and Update to the Latest One

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WordPress is an ever-evolving software with regularly released new features, security fixes, and maintenance updates. These core updates ensure the safety and efficiency of the WordPress system.

If you’re running a WordPress site, you must update the latest WordPress version to ensure you have the latest features, performance enhancements, and protections.

In this article, we’ll show you how to check your current WordPress version, discuss the latest WordPress version and its features, and guide you on how to update to the latest WordPress version.

Let’s get updating!

Why WordPress Rolls Out Regular Updates

Before we begin, we need to understand why WordPress has a regular update cycle. In short, you can expect to see updates for the following reasons:

  • WordPress releases new features regularly. Whether it’s a less noticeable change like adding new oEmbed providers (WordPress 4.4) or a complete overhaul of the editor by adding Gutenberg (WordPress 5.0), these additions tend to make content creation and website building much more straightforward.
  • WordPress updates often include security fixes. It’s an ongoing battle since hackers find vulnerabilities all the time. So it’s essential to update to get the latest protections from new types of attacks.
  • Recent WordPress versions often provide “under the hood” performance improvements. You may not immediately notice these enhancements, but they make working on WordPress simpler and faster. In WordPress 2.0, the user experience for publishing blog posts took a considerable boost. In WordPress 4.2, they streamlined plugin updates with a simple one-click button instead of the previous, more tedious, process.
  • Every WordPress version also eliminates past bugs. These happen with all software. It’s like fixing something on your car that’s been acting up and bringing it back to normal.

Now that you understand the reasons for WordPress updates, let’s explore the more recent WordPress versions, along with details on how to check and update your current WordPress version.

Note: Although the folks at WordPress would prefer everyone to update to the most recent version, that doesn’t mean they abandon support for older versions. In fact, past WordPress versions still get updates—for instance, the WordPress 3.7 “Count Basie” update released on October 24, 2013. Yet, several updates still come out for it every year. That’s because some (not many) sites are still on the older versions.

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What’s the Latest WordPress Version Available?

WordPress 5.7, nicknamed “Esperanza Spalding” after the Grammy award-winning jazz musician from Oregon, is the most recent rendition of WordPress available for you to upgrade. It was released on March



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