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Created a new website and now looking at what essential free WordPress plugins you need for the website? This article will give you all the details about free WP plugins that you need and might want to use.

One of the chief reasons that WordPress is such a popular content management system is the wide choice of plugins that come along with it. Besides thousands of third-party plugins, the WordPress plugin directory has more than 50000 plugins that add functions to your WordPress platform. What’s more, you can mix and match them any way you like to add the exact functions you need for your WordPress site. While some plugins are essential for the smooth functioning of your website, adding some other plugins is a matter of choice. In this post, let’s check out the must-have WordPress plugins, as well as other plugins that add important functions to your website.

At the very start, let’s understand what is a plugin. Simply put, a plugin is a piece of software that you add to your WordPress system. Each plugin is designed to add a specific function to your website. Before you consider adding plugins, you need to do a check on what functions are necessary /important/desirable for your website. Then, do a search for plugins that best fulfill those functions. Plugins can be downloaded for free from the WordPress directory or purchased from market places and theme houses.

Another common model for plugin sale is the ‘freemium plugin’, where a lite version with some basic features is available for free. For additional premium features, you’ll be required to pay and purchase the premium plugin. In general, you’ll see those premium plugins are more regularly updated and enjoy better support from plugin authors. At the same time, free plugins receive support via support forums from the plugin author.

How Many Plugins?

Whether free or premium, what you should look for while choosing a plugin is quality. Plugins with poor code quality can harm your website, and therefore you should thoroughly vet the plugin before installing it on your website. Some WordPress users are wary about adding too many plugins as they feel that this can slow down a website. But experts look at it another way. They advise that it’s not the number of plugins on your website that matter, it’s the quality of the plugins that counts. One badly coded plugin can bring down the entire site. That said, you should install a plugin on a need only basis. Not only that, it’s also important to regularly update the plugins.

Three Broad Categories of Plugins

You can broadly slot plugins into three categories. These categories are not watertight compartments, and there’ll likely be overlap between the categories, depending on the level of importance of the function to your website:-

I. Must Have Free WordPress Plugins – In this category, you’ll find plugins that take care



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