10 Best FTP Clients for WordPress Users (Mac and Windows)

10 Best FTP Clients for WordPress Users (Mac and Windows)

Building a website requires files and folders. Building a complicated website requires a seemingly endless supply of files and folders. If you’re a developer or designer it becomes incredibly overwhelming. You may forget where a media file was moved to or maybe a theme folder has gone missing or didn’t transfer to the server properly. Regardless of your problems, you need one of the best FTP clients to help you stay organized.

What’s the Point of an FTP Client?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it allows you to connect your local files on a computer to an online server. For instance, you may be creating a WordPress site. In that case, you could build a website on your computer, then eventually move all of the files to your server and launch your website for the world to see. In short, it gives you the opportunity to organize your files, make edits in a private environment, and also check to see if anything is going wrong.

All FTP clients are different but the important thing to know is that you want a client that works on your Operating System and you’re looking for a user interface that’s easy to move around and sort out the folders.

Today, hosting companies typically have one-click buttons for installing these files on platforms like WordPress. However, an FTP client is still an excellent training and troubleshooting tool for those beginners and advanced developers. It’s also wise to always have a local version of your website saved on a computer.

Features to Look for in the Best FTP Clients

FTP clients are so similar in some ways but sometimes you find a little feature in one of them that makes it significantly more useful for you. That said, these are the features you should be primarily considering:

  • You must first figure out whether or not the FTP client will work on your Operating System (like Windows, Mac, or Linux).
  • Also, take a look at which versions of your OS are supported. Some FTP clients are much better than others in terms of OS support.
  • Seek out beautiful interfaces with drag and drop functionality.
  • The best FTP clients have bookmarking and search tools for locating your files, even if you have thousands of them.
  • Look for which clients connect to certain types of servers. Some of them are only for transferring from local to online servers. Others connect to third-party storage servers like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Make sure the client supports the protocols you need it to. Some of them might be FTP, SSL, and SSH.
  • Fast file transfer is a must.
  • Side-by-side directory comparisons look wonderful.
  • Most developers need to ensure that large files are transferable through their FTP client.
  • Security should be one of your top priorities when choosing an FTP client.

The Best FTP Clients on the Market Today

  1. FileZilla
  2. Cyberduck
  3. ForkLift
  4. Transmit
  5. WinSCP
  6. WS_FTP®



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