Google Optimize WordPress Tutorial: Create Your First A/B Test

Google Optimize WordPress Tutorial: Create Your First A/B Test

Want to use Google Optimize with WordPress to run A/B tests on your website?

With Google Optimize, you can set up A/B tests to assess the impact of changes to your website. You’ll be able to collect invaluable data on your visitors’ behavior, which you can use to improve your site even further.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to set up A/B tests using Google Optimize for WordPress in three simple steps.

First, however, let’s talk about how Optimize works!

An introduction to Google Optimize

Optimize is a service that works in conjunction with Google Analytics. It enables you to set up simple or complex A/B or multivariate tests for your website and monitor their performance using data from Google Analytics.

If you’re not familiar, A/B testing is a process where you create two versions or ‘variants’ of a page or element on your site. You can then compare users’ experiences with them to determine which is easier to navigate or generally more appealing to visitors.

With Optimize, you gain access to a handy visual editor that enables you to tweak elements on your website to create variants for testing. Plus, it integrates with other native Google services, such as Ads and Firebase, as well as WordPress.

How to use Google Optimize with WordPress (in three steps)

As we mentioned before, Optimize works alongside Google Analytics. That means before you get started, you’ll need to have a Google Analytics account that’s connected to your WordPress site. Once that’s ready to go, move on to the first step.

Step 1: Set up and configure a Google Optimize account

First, head over to the Optimize homepage and click on the Get started button:

The Google Optimize homepage

Right off the bat, Google will ask if you want to share your data with some of its other services. Whether you decide to or not won’t affect the next steps, so feel free to tick any options you want:

Data collection settings

Once you accept the terms of service, you’ll gain access to your Optimize dashboard right away. From here, you can create



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