A Great Comparison of Local-Development WordPress Options

A Great Comparison of Local-Development WordPress Options • WPShout

I really really appreciate this rundown of the major options for setting up a local WordPress development (which is to say—on your own computer) that Ram Ratan Maurya updated for Delicious Brains. I feel like on the whole for those of you new to the concepts involved, I don’t (currently) know of a better place I would point you to get a sense of what the major options are for setting WordPress up on your local computer are, and what their major strengths and weaknesses. (Perhaps we should work on one here… ?)

In any case, I’ll add some colorful information about my own choices—mostly I actually use Laravel Valet, for my local WordPress development. That said: I do not recommend anyone *new* to the idea of local development does that. Mostly because it’s more complicated and error-prone then ALL the options that the article talks about. But unlike some of those options, it also works great for Laravel (and Symfony) sites, which I maintain a few of.

I thought of summarizing Ram’s findings here, but I think you can and should just click through and read them over on their site. ?

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