How to Grow Your Email List

How to Grow Your Email List

When choosing between billable work or marketing to create new business, solopreneurs often choose to focus on the paying clients. We get it! But there’s a way to do both by utilizing a few simple tools. For example, AJ Morris and Nathan Ingram recently shared some great tips for how to use the iThemes Combo Pack in a webinar, “Growing Your Email List.” The webinar has some great tips for growing your audience and serves as a great preview for what is to come during The Digital Marketing Summit on February 28.

When you are growing your email list there are some time management tools that make it easier to grow it quicker. We hear it all the time, that many successful businesses put emphasis on their lists. Here at iThemes we do the same. Our emails are some of our most valuable assets. 

So, why is it important to grow your email list?

  • People check their email multiple times a day
  • Email is purposeful
  • Your list is interested in you
  • Email is targeted
  • You own your audience 

Most website visitors leave your website, maybe even as much as 70%. With percentages like that it makes your email list an extremely valuable marketing asset. Your subscribers have opted in to learn more about your services and products so give them what they want!

Syed Balki of WPBeginner says that, “email is the most predictable driver of growth and sales” for their business. He goes on to say that he prefers it over all other channels. Neil Patel of Crazy Egg feels the same way, and says, “email continually outperforms most” other channels.

Segmentation drives growth

Segmenting your audience puts the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Sending your message to  people who are most interested in your offerings increases your chance of sales conversions.You could send mass messages to your entire list, but this can often result in a loss in engagement and subscribers. Segmentation helps push your potential customers through your marketing funnel quicker, towards the results you desire. And when you have engaged customers then more will follow, naturally increasing your email list. 

The iThemes list building combo to grow your email list

Using these tools allows you to start growing your list in a simple, yet intelligent way. When used together, these three plugins allow you to quickly grow your audience.

Landing Pages Plugin

Using the iThemes Landing Pages plugin is great for specific offers like consultations, ebooks or webinar registrations. Using Gutenberg integrations fonts, colors and more can be customized to fit your branding and even more there are integrations that automatically put your emails into MailChimp or our Zapier integration to do any number of things that you utilize in your marketing campaigns. Offering downloadable content to your audience that is helpful to them makes the exchange of an email address an easy buy-in for them. 




This article was written by AJ Morris and originally published on WordPress News and Updates from iThemes – iThemes.

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