Growmatik Review: The Best CrossChannel Marketing Platform for WordPress & WooCommerce –

Growmatik Review: The Best Cross-Channel Marketing Platform for WordPress & WooCommerce

Running your own webshop is not always easy. You need to figure out a way to stand out from the crowd, attract potential customers and convert them into actual buyers. Therefore, you will need to be knowledgeable when it comes to marketing tools.

Growmatik is one such tool, and it can help you a lot in your business endeavors. The number of features you get from this product is actually quite impressive, and you can automate many of them that will provide your visitors with a highly personalized experience. This makes your website so much more efficient.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; there is a lot of ground to cover in this Growmatik review.

What is Growmatik?

In a sentence, Growmatik is a cross-channel marketing platform for WordPress and WooCommerce. But this is not just your ordinary plugin but rather a complete service that covers all the hidden costs and requirements other similar products often miss.

And how does it work exactly? Well, the tool collects data about your customers from three different sources – your website, e-mails, and pop-ups – and then uses that data to create personalized content. This content is based on more than 50 behavioral attributes, so you can rest assured that the potential customer will be approached in the best possible way.

And the best thing is that this can all be automatized. All you have to do is set up the parameters, and the tool takes it from there.

Main features

So, as we said, Growmatik will collect data about your customers in a very thorough manner by examining their behavior on the three aforementioned touchpoints. But what’s amazing about that is the fact that this data is then used to directly address your prospective buyers through any of those same touchpoints.

Growmatik user segmentation

For example, you can create a pop-up for high-value users informing them that they are eligible for a discount, hand out coupons that way, or do something else entirely. And this experience can be personalized for every user! You can show them a product they would probably be interested in, send an e-mail with a promotion at exactly the right time, or even personalize a webpage so that each person sees products or posts that correspond to their interests and behavior.

Growmatik website personalization

And once you have all that set up, you can measure the results through detailed analytics, which allows you to discover the most successful funnels.

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