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The global payment industry is worth almost two trillion dollars and the credit card industry takes a 250-billion-dollar chunk. While the US has the biggest market for credit cards, the Indian credit card industry is set to catch up.

The Indian credit card industry is excepted to snowball from roughly $80 billion to $198 billion by 2024. 

That’s a 115% increase in value

While the affiliate competition is high, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money riding a wave of growth that is only beginning to roll.

Credit card affiliate programs are super adaptable and offer massive potentials to target cross-niches such as “Best Credit Card for Travel” and “Best Credit Cards for Reward Points.”

There couldn’t be a better time to become a credit card affiliate. To help you capitalize on the advantage, here’s a hand-curated list of the best credit card affiliate marketing programs in the industry.

Ways to Make Money Affiliate Marketing Credit Cards

Credit Card affiliates get paid good money. Sometimes hundreds of dollars per lead. There different types of credit card affiliate programs that you can join to earn money fast.

In addition to marketing credit cards, you can upsell and cross-sell programs or products related to cryptocurrency, or market investing offers to millennials to make money.

You can also market credit repair products. They sell easy and are an excellent way of monetizing a blog.

Highest-Paying Credit Card Affiliate Programs in India

#1 State Bank of India (SBI)

The State Bank of India has a 200+ year history and is often touted to be one of the country’s safest banks.

It has over 24,000 branches and is one of the most accessible banks in India. SBI first launched credit cards in 1998, and now offers affiliates high commissions in exchange for signups.

You can join its affiliate program for free and get paid quickly; commissions are paid weekly.

Campaign Type Commission
Cost per action ₹960 – ₹1200 (based on volume)
Cookie Duration 45-60 Days

#2 Citibank 

30 Highest-Paying Credit Card Affiliate Programs of 2020 – Up To ₹50,000/Sale 3



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