New Hub Feature: Ignore Updates For WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes

New Hub Feature: Ignore Updates For WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes

Don’t want certain plugins or themes to automatically update on your WordPress site? No problem! Say hello to The Hub’s new kid on the block…Ignore Updates!

If you manage more than one WordPress site for yourself or your clients, WPMU DEV’s The Hub is the ‘no-brainer’ all-in-one WordPress management solution that lets you manage all of your sites’ hosting, security, performance, backups, client reports, etc. …and keep all plugins, themes, and core software on your managed sites updated.

Sometimes, however, you may not want a plugin, theme, or new WordPress version to automatically update on one or more sites.

For example, you may want to pause core, plugin, or theme updates if:

  1. Updating to a new version would cause issues on your sites (e.g. a plugin update with a known vulnerability that will conflict with other plugins or customized template files).
  2. You need to temporarily pause a plugin, theme, or core update for a specific site only while keeping your auto-update setup running on your other sites.
  3. You run a website maintenance plan and clients pause their subscription or fail to make payment. You can choose to keep their hosting active but suspend all core, plugin, and theme updates for that site until the client resumes payment.
  4. You install a custom plugin or theme, or a premium plugin or theme with a ‘developer’ license on multiple sites and charge a subscription fee for its usage. You can pause updates for clients who are not actively maintaining their subscription while ensuring that only clients with active subscriptions get updates.

The above are real-life examples that our members have experienced while managing multiple WordPress sites.

In addition to having complete control over site updates, members also requested that The Hub provide users with the ability to:

  • Ignore plugin, theme, and core updates at a global or per-site level.
  • Switch off warnings or alerts from displaying on the dashboard for disabled plugins, themes, or core elements.
  • Turn this feature on and off at will and ignore updates on a permanent or temporary basis.

As usual, when our members request new features or improvements, we listen.

So, we’re proud to introduce the latest new feature to The Hub…

Ignore Updates

The Ignore Updates feature allows you to pause updates for WordPress core and specific plugins and themes on any or all of the sites you manage using The Hub.

This feature works with global updates, per-site updates, Automate, and site reports.

In this post, we’ll cover how to do the following in The Hub:

Ignore Updates For Individual Sites

You can use the Ignore Updates feature to pause updates for WordPress core and single or multiple plugins and themes on an individual site.

To do this, go to The Hub’s My Sites screen (Hub > Sites), select a site by clicking on its name, then click on Plugins &



This article was written by Martin Aranovitch and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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