Who is Your Ideal Customer? 20+ Questions to Ask

ideal customer

Would you know your ideal customer if they visited your website, downloaded an app, or walked into a physical location right now?

Learning the type of person who will turn into your perfect customer requires a little research and market savvy, but it is something that can prove valuable for any business from those that sell consumer goods to services to online products. 

Most of the elements that make up the ideal customer or target market are the same regardless of business type or size. It’s all about doing the right homework so that you can connect with the right people at the time when they are ready for the product or service you offer. 

This guide will help you learn to pinpoint your ideal customer, create a customer profile that you can use to generate more similar customers and questions you can ask to help find everything you need to know about these highly valuable clients or shoppers. 

What is an ideal customer?

Forbes might have described it best: “The more you come to know your ideal client, the easier it will be for you to create content that speaks directly to them. You become magnetic. When a potential client feels like you ‘get them,’ your offer becomes so much more appealing.” 

And that, in a nutshell, is at the essence of an ideal customer: Someone who sees your brand or product and thinks that “you get them.” They are drawn to what you are doing and enjoy the experience of connecting with your business. 

The shopping experience might even feel less transactional to them and is something they actually enjoy doing. From a user standpoint, it’s that feeling you get when you go to your favorite store (in-person or online) and it feels like every item is exactly what you need. It’s the magic of a great shopping trip that leaves you happy and satisfied with your purchase. 

An ideal customer leaves each experience with your company feeling this way more often than not. Ideal customers also have a few qualities in common:

  • They feel that the price you ask is worth the value of the product or service they receive.
  • They appreciate your brand and what you do for them. 
  • They are repeat customers and refer friends and family to your business. 
  • They are easy to communicate with and respond to your requests for feedback. 

How do you determine your ideal customer?

It’s a loaded question: How do you figure out what an ideal customer looks like? 

Forbes broke it down into seven key characteristics. But you can take it a step further and turn those characteristics into questions that you can ask to help create an ideal customer profile (in the next section).

Here’s where you start:

  • Look at your client base and make a point to gather some demographic information. 
  • Pay attention to known habits – how often they shop, what they buy, on-site search queries. 
  • Know



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