The Ideal Rank Math Settings ( Complete Tutorial)

The Ideal Rank Math Settings (2021 Complete Tutorial)

Ready to configure the best settings for Rank Math?

This tutorial covers everything you need to know about Rank Math’s settings including which modules I recommend (or don’t), WooCommerce settings, and adding schema. If you like this guide, I have a few other guides on researching focus keywords and an on-page SEO checklist.

I’ll also cover settings for Rank Math Pro (aff link). I don’t think Yoast Premium is worth it, but Rank Math Pro is if you learn what it can actually do for your SEO, especially the schema. I was also able to delete several SEO plugins and just use Rank Math, but you can decide for yourself.


I didn’t want to add these screenshots throughout the post because it would make it ridiculously long. You can click on these thumbnails and they will show my recommended settings for each tab. Just keep in mind the reasons I chose these are explained in the guide. Some settings will be different depending on your site, so be sure to customize them yourself.

Too Long? Here’s A Summary

  • Use the setup wizard to transfer SEO data from your old plugin to Rank Math.
  • Only enable modules you use, some modules like Analytics cause database bloat.
  • Sign up for Google Search Console, submit your XML sitemap, and fix any errors.
  • Use Rank Math’s bulk editor to edit SEO titles + meta description to improve CTR.
  • Markup content with schema (i.e. reviews, articles, video) to further improve CTR.
  • Upload custom social sharing images (OpenGraph) and upload a default one as well.
  • Don’t index tags, archive, and non-helpful pages as they can cause duplicate content.
  • Rank Math lets you set default SEO titles + meta descriptions, but write custom ones.
  • If using Rank Math Pro, enable image SEO and video sitemap modules, automatic alt attributes (General Settings → Images), autodetect video (Titles → Posts), autogenerate thumbnail, and markup your content with all relevant schema types to improve your CTR.


1. Setup Wizard

If you haven’t switched to Rank Math, use the setup wizard which lets you easily import your SEO data from your old SEO plugin (i.e. Yoast) to Rank Math. Install the Rank Math plugin, sign up for an account, connect it, and use the setup wizard to import your SEO data to Rank Math. You can also import schema from WP Schema Pro and All In One Schema under Status & Tools.

Step 1: Install Rank Math
The Ideal Rank Math Settings (2021 Complete Tutorial) 1



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