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Identifying a Target Audience for Your WordPress Blog

Whether you’re just starting a new blog or you’re working on your regular weekly content, it’s important to have a clear understanding of who your target audience is. So yes, even if you’ve been writing blog posts up until this point without an audience in mind, there’s no time like the present to figure it out and build a cohesive plan for how you put content out into the world.

We’ll begin here today by offering up the what and why of the target audience concept. And from there, we’ll discuss how to determine the appropriate one for your blog as well as offer up a few helpful tools for getting a handle on this information.

Let’s jump in.

What Is a Target Audience?

To put it simply, the target audience of your blog is for whom you’re creating content. When you close your eyes and picture the person reading your blog then subsequently making a purchase or subscribing to your email newsletter, what do you see? A mom in her thirties? A college student? A retiree? Having a solid understanding of who you’re writing content for can largely drive how you approach content creation. It informs the topics you’ll cover as well as the tone and style.

To get even more specific, a target audience refers to a group of people that are bound together by specific demographic information and behavior. Common demographic info that’s used to inform target audiences include age, gender, location, income, education, marital status, profession, and whether or not they have kids.

With that definition out of the way, let’s now explore why you need to know this information in the first place.

Why Do I Need to Know My Target Audience?

Good question! With this information in hand, you can make better decisions about how you write your content. If you know who you’re writing for, that can greatly inform everything from the tone of voice you write in, the vocabulary you use, the pop culture references you lean on, and so forth. Basically, knowing your audience means writing more precise content that better speaks to those you’re wanting to reach.

How to Identify a Viable Target Audience

In order to identify those that would most benefit from your content, service, product, or all of the above, you need to think in specific terms. And that means asking yourself some questions.

Do Some Deep Thinking

First thing’s first, put on your thinking cap. What does your product or service provide? What problems does it solve and what pain points does it meet? This is something you need to know to approach all of your marketing efforts properly.

Your goal here is to identify who your product or service is intended for. If you sell baby strollers, then your target demographic is likely women between the ages of 25-40. Knowing this would help you craft content that speaks to their needs directly. The same goes if you offer investment planning services. Ask yourself, who would these services help the most? And the answer to that identifies your



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