How to Make Images Larger Without Losing Quality (Best Tools Tested)

How to Make Images Larger Without Losing Quality (Best Tools Tested)

The free plan allows for 10 image uploads.

The actual file size of the photos increased a decent amount compared to other tools. The first image has great detail when expanded to a larger file. The second (smaller original file) photo looks okay when shrunk down for this blog post, but the true full size has noticeable distortion (click the image to open it in a new tab).

On1 Resize is a premium desktop software with a myriad of features for expanding an image’s size, creating printable graphics, and simulating what a photo will actually look like when printed.

Key features:

  • Options to resize a photo to up to 1,000% of the original size.
  • A feature called soft-proofing is available for simulating what a real print looks like on a computer screen.
  • Utilize printing tools for the sleekest real-world appearance.
  • Batch processing.
  • RAW image editing.
  • Access integrations with other software like Photoshop.
  • It has a rapid browsing solution for quickly finding images in a list of thousands.
  • Access to many other tools from On1, like a video editor, mobile editor, and more.


On1 offers a free trial to test the software. After that, the pricing looks like this:

  • $49.99 to install On1 Resize on five computers and get the Lightroom and Photoshop apps.
  • $99.99 for On1 and a package of effects for pano, layers, developing, portrait, and HDR.

Test results

Naturally, the file sizes increased with all tests. They didn’t get too big, with all expansions correlating with the dimensions. The first test for Image 1 is high-quality but with a softer appearance. Interestingly enough, the second (larger) conversion for Image 1 came out clearer. It’s a beautiful transformation.

Image 2 (the smaller original file) has similar results. The first test (2x the size) presented a softer image, with the larger (8x the size) file ending up looking a little nicer. Not nearly as clean as the Image 1 test, but not bad. It’s clear that the Image 2 results have distortions like blurring.

Results for Image 1:

Results for Image 2:

3. boasts the simplest of interfaces. Some may like this, but others will note that it looks like something from the early 2000s.

Having said that, you can’t beat the straightforwardness of the process. You upload an image, choose a format, then select the desired dimensions.



This article was written by Joe Warnimont and originally published on ThemeIsle Blog.

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