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The key to effectively communicating with clients and potential leads is to relay the necessary information in a format that they like.

In the past, people got information through reading articles in newspapers and magazines, mainly because any other option was too costly and time-consuming to be practical. Still, nowadays, technology has progressed at such a rate that we can easily create content in various formats. Users steadily displayed preferences for more visual modes of communication like infographics and videos. In 2020, YouTube boasted 2 billion monthly users and 1 billion hours of watch time daily. Viewers claim to retain 95% of a message when delivered through video, and 72% of customers prefer learning about a product, service, or company through video.

Given the fast-paced, modern lifestyle, it’s easy to understand why people prefer videos over other formats. The daily grind often means people are forced to squeeze in entertainment in the middle of work or household tasks. Videos are great for multitasking since you can still absorb information even when you’re not fully paying attention. Besides the convenience, videos are better at relaying instructions than text and photos. Recipes and instructional DIY videos help users learn through a more immersive visual experience. Web design companies are also expanding their services to include video production to cater to more clients.

It has already been established that there’s a high demand for video as a content format. Given this, your law firm should absolutely consider hiring a team or outsourcing video production services to get your content marketing campaign started.

Would video content marketing work for a law firm?

It’s easy to assume that no one outside your industry would even be interested in watching videos about the law. Still, if you do a quick YouTube search, you’ll find many legal YouTube channels garnering millions of views and subscribers. There’s no question that there’s an audience for these kinds of content. The question is: how do you carry it out effectively?

On top of making content for your YouTube and other social media pages, consider converting some of your website’s information into videos. A law firm’s web design should incorporate creative elements like rotating banners and video reels to draw clients in. Videos speak more to clients than text does, so for sensitive topics and humanizing your law firm; video is definitely the way to go.

Benefits of video content

As mentioned, by having video content as a part of your law firm’s web design, you’ll be catering to clients who prefer the dissemination format over text. You’ll also have content that has a higher engagement and shareability potential than long-form articles. Having high-quality video content also positively impacts your search engine rankings, which is a great bonus if you also have an ongoing SEO strategy.



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