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4 Instagram Feed Plugins Compared: Find the Best Possible Solution - WP Mayor

As Instagram continues to increase in popularity all over the world, importing Instagram feeds into WordPress websites is becoming more popular than ever. Having a live interactive feed on your personal, e-commerce, or company website brings with it social proof, new followers, and a deeper connection with your audience.

If you’re struggling to make the decision between some of the top Instagram feed plugins, we’re here to help. Choosing the right plugin for your website is an important decision to take, especially if you’re paying for premium products. 

In this post we’ll be comparing 4 of the best Instagram feed plugins: 

  1. Spotlight Instagram Feeds
  2. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed 
  3. Feed Them Social
  4. 10Web Social Photo Feed*

*Initially, 10Web Social Photo Feed was not included in the post as it was not working. This was due to Instagram’s API changes. Note: It took the team around 11 days to fix the issue.

These plugins were chosen based on the number of customization options they provide, the frequency of updates, the number of active installations, and their overall ratings.

There are other plugins with thousands of active installations, but they simply don’t provide the level of customization and ease of use that the selected plugins do, or they are simply widgets and cannot be embedded in pages or posts. That’s not to say that they’re not worth a try, but they’re not what this comparison is about.

While you might expect some bias given that one of the plugins in this list (Spotlight) is developed and supported by RebelCode (the company behind WP Mayor) I promise I will be presenting the facts, pros, and cons for each of these plugins. 

The Aim

For the purposes of this post, I’ve set up four local WordPress websites and installed both the free and premium versions of each of the plugins. I’m using an Instagram Business account with all four plugins.

In all four cases, Business accounts give you access to more features due to Instagram’s API limitations for Personal accounts. Upgrading to an Instagram Business account is easy and free. Note: All Business or Creator accounts must be linked to a Facebook Business page.

Free Version

My main aim is to create a simple 4-column feed with 8 posts that seamlessly integrates with the Twenty Twenty theme. I also want to create a custom bio with a custom profile photo (different from the one used on Instagram) and have my posts open up in a lightbox

PRO Version

For the premium version of each of the plugins, I want to create a more advanced version of the feed. Tagged and hashtag posts, filtering, moderation, displaying Instagram stories, and linking Instagram posts to blog posts and



This article was written by Gabriella Galea and originally published on WP Mayor.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the product, We may receive an affiliate commission.

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