How to Install Concrete5 on Cloudways in 5 Quick Steps

How to Install Concrete5 on Cloudways in 5 Quick Steps

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A content management system (CMS) allows developers to perform complex programming operations with ease. These CMS systems come pre-built with several unique features that help developers build advanced applications in quick time. It not only saves a good amount of their time, but also saves a lot of their efforts, leading them to focus more on other important functional tasks.

This article highlights one of the fastest emerging CMS solutions in the market, called Concrete5. It demonstrates how to install Concrete5 on a managed cloud hosting server that offers a range of services and web tools. It is an open-source CMS solution that comes with optimized features and many custom options for the ever-growing dev community. It uses the advanced Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and is powered by PHP language. It works on the principles of having a simplistic platform design, so that everyone can use and build their applications easily on it.

The platform has an active community of developers behind it, which is why it has evolved quite rapidly over the last few years. Let’s check out some of the main features of Concrete5 below and their utility for dev professionals.

Major Concrete5 Features

Let’s check out some of the salient features of Concrete5 that makes it one of the finest CMS solutions today:

Interactive Design

With Concrete5 CMS, developers can build responsive websites that are compatible with any smart devices. It provides interactive layouts, videos, images and navigation menus that allow seamless development of responsive website assets. Moreover, it provides a unique style editor that allows developers to design their templates and modular websites. Using the style editor, they can easily personalize fonts, layouts, colors, blocks, and other front-end functions.

Easy Content Editing

Concrete5 provides handy content editing features. It offers a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editor that helps developers to design the website content as they wish to see it. It also provides dynamically generated forms for typed content that eases developers’ load to manually design the forms. The platform also comes with easy-to-use media manager helping developers effortlessly manage all the website media content on clicks.

Blogs Management

Concrete5 CMS enables developers to manage blog websites easily. With it, the developers can build customizable and interactive blogs without any technical knowledge. It has several pre-built blog features available in the platform, including RSS syndication, category support, multiple post display options, etc. Moreover, it provides an advanced integrated commenting system that supports threaded comments, moderation, authentication and other options as well.

Access Control

With Concrete5, you can manage all the users and groups of your website effortlessly. Once you login the Concrete5 admin panel, you will get dedicated



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