Interview with Rodolfo Melogli – Founder of Business Bloomer

Interview with Rodolfo Melogli – Founder of Business Bloomer

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WooCommerce opened doors for many business opportunities but only entrepreneurs with vision and determination were able to make the most of them. Today, we have one such entrepreneur with us who managed to create a successful business out of WooCommerce through his dedication and persistence.

Rudolf Melogi, started his WooCommerce freelance business when he developed his first bakery website. He realised he is better off making websites than making cakes. Let’s hear the amazing success story from the man himself.

Cloudways: Hello Rodolfo, and thank you for your time. Let’s start with the traditional question: Please tell us about yourself?

Rodolfo: I’m an environmental engineer and the story began with the recession in 2009. I was living in Ireland at the time; when I was let go in 2011 I got offers from Australia and Canada but honestly, I wanted to stay in Ireland and take some time off. I’m Italian and one of the craziest ideas I came up with was opening an online bakery in my town because one had just closed down. I had no money to invest in a physical store, so I built my eCommerce site with Google Sites and PayPal and launched my little brand. I enjoyed building that website so much that I said to myself – hold on! – I could do that for a living (as opposed to baking stuff nobody would buy). And so my freelance web design career got started. I’m still here!

Cloudways: It’s the crazy ideas that open doors to new opportunities, isn’t it? You have been working as an independent WooCommerce freelancer since 2012. Is there any project that you are proud of in particular? Can you share the most interesting project you have worked on?

Rodolfo: Honestly, I specialized myself in small WooCommerce development jobs (after spending the first few years developing full WordPress websites). This means I’ve worked with maybe a thousand clients from all over the world, hence there is not a single project I’m more proud of. What I’m happy about is that it’s amazing how I can work via email without ever meeting or talking to my clients, I don’t even know their faces. I managed to optimize my workflow and that’s probably the best thing about my business.

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Cloudways: What is the importance of Business Bloomer for people interested in setting up passive income?

Rodolfo: “Passive” income doesn’t exist. I do work every day, I’m always “active”, and revenue is a consequence



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