Introducing The Divi Marketplace

Introducing The Divi Marketplace

The Best Place To Find Divi Modules, Child Themes & Layouts

Today we are excited to release the Divi Marketplace. The Divi Marketplace is a repository of third party Divi Modules, Child Themes and Layouts. It’s a place where Divi developers and designers can upload their creations and make them available to the Divi community for purchase, or to download for free. We won’t be adding our own products to the marketplace. This is just a place for the community to sell and to share. Think of it like the WordPress repository or the iPhone App Store, except just for Divi.

Even though the marketplace is brand new, you will be happy to find quite a few stellar products already listed, and now that we are live we hope that many more creators will be excited to participate. Over the past few months we have been working with Divi creators to help improve their products and get them published. We have invested a lot of time reviewing code, design and QA testing to make sure that the products accepted into the marketplace meet our quality standards. It’s time consuming, but it’s a service we are happy to provide because it helps make the Divi ecosystem stronger. When you purchase something from the marketplace, you can also feel good in knowing that you are supporting someone who has dedicated themselves to being a Divi creator, and the more thriving creators we have, the stronger the Divi community becomes.

Browse The Marketplace

What You’ll Find In The Marketplace

In the marketplace you will see some of our favorite products, along with top sellers and new arrivals. You can also browse through the full list of hundreds of modules, child themes and layouts, and filter the results based on price, category, and rating. If you are looking for something in particular, try the search bar at the top to quickly locate anything within the entire catalog.

Divi Modules And Extensions

Thanks to the Divi Module API, it’s easy for developers to create custom Divi Modules. When you purchase and install a Divi Module, it gets added to your module list in the builder so that you can use it as an additional building block for your website.

There are already some great modules in the Divi Marketplace. Build event listings with the Event Calendar module. Create new kinds of menus using DiviMenus. Use the Table Maker module to create tables. Some Divi Extensions such as Divi Supreme, Divi Plus and Divi Next Text come with entire collections of new Divi modules for one low price. These modules really expand Divi’s capabilities.

You’ll find more than Divi Modules in the marketplace. Other extensions, such as Divi Toolbox and Divi Switch focus on the Divi theme and offer a whole host of new theme options. Other extensions, such as the Divi Overlays pop-up builder, expand the Divi builder into new territories. Divi Mega Menu unlocks tons of new possibilities for the Divi Theme header and Divi Rocket will make your Divi site faster! The list goes on ?

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