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Some JAMstack Drama... • WPShout

I have to admit that one of the places I feel I most conspicuously show my age is how little interest I have these days for the latest of web-dev hype. I would consider the “JAMstack” hype train one of those things. I’m vaguely aware of it, I know that a lot of people I respect as “cutting edge developers” are super into it. But I just don’t really care. (And only part of that is because it is 2020 ?)

Anyway, I’m writing because WordPress Fearless Leader Matt Mullenweg picked a bit of a folks with the proponents of the “JavaScript, API, & markup” methodology. (The amorphous cloud that that sounds like it is in-fact what it is.) And I found this story on that from Sarah Gooding over at the Tavern a good dispassionate distillation of the conversation. The whole thing is an interesting little bit of web development drama, but one of the more-compelling quotes was this:

“Matt is absolutely right that the usability and functionality of the Jamstack is lower,” Strattic co-founder and CEO Miriam Schwab said. “The Jamstack is a great example of technology that is incredibly appealing to developers, but the actual end users – writers, marketers, business owners – cannot use it. I’ve heard many stories of major companies that have come to the decision to adopt Jamstack for all web development as a company-wide policy, only to find that their marketing team has gone rogue and is installing WordPress sites in order to get their job done.”

(BTW: While I think Sarah did a good job balancing sides here, it is worth knowing that WP Tavern has been funded by Matt Mullenweg directly for quite a few years now.)

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This article was written by David Hayes and originally published on WPShout.

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