Jess Archer Discusses How Laravel Has Affected Her Career

Jess Archer Discusses How Laravel Has Affected Her Career

This time around we have invited Jess Archer, full stack developer and podcaster to our interview series. She is a full-stack web application developer and a podcaster from Brisbane, Australia, with over 15 years of professional experience. So let’s explore how she started her career with Laravel and what’s the experience so far.

Cloudways: Jess Archer, it’s lovely to have you for this interview. Could you please tell our readers about yourself? Walk us through your journey so far.

Jess: Thanks for having me. I am a full-stack web developer from Brisbane, Australia. And when I say full-stack, I mean that I can pretty much do anything from setting up a bare-metal server all the way to UI design and everything in between. I would say that back-end development with Laravel is definitely my happiest place, but I also enjoy using Tailwind and Vue.

I’ve been coding for over 15 years. I started in my late teens as a creative outlet, and later discovered that people would actually pay me for it! I am very grateful that I have a job that I love. Most days it feels like I’m playing problem-solving games all day!

Cloudways: I have noticed that you enjoy speaking at Laracon AU conferences. Which topic are you going to talk about this year? And why?

Jess: I’m not sure what the conference scene will be like this year with COVID, but I opened the year with a local meetup talk where I live-coded a service container from scratch. I’d been wanting to get into live-coding because I always find those talks quite engaging when done well.

You actually get to see something being built, rather than just being talked about, which always helps me grasp concepts better.

Previously, I’d always used slides and a script because it felt a lot safer, but I always like to push myself a little bit further. Also, previously I’ve given Vue talks at Laravel conferences. It felt like an easier way to come up with engaging content for a room of people who I feel already know everything there is to know about Laravel (which of course is not actually true), so I would like to start talking more about my main passion, which is Laravel.

Cloudways: Jess, you also run the BaseCode Podcast channel. Could you tell us a bit about these podcasts? Who can join this group and how it helps developers and PHP users?

Jess: I co-host the podcast with my friend JMac (Jason McCreary) and we’ve done four different mini-series so far on various development-related topics. Our first series featured a range of different techniques for writing clean and expressive code, then we did a mini-series on automated testing, followed by a mini-series on running a small business as a developer, and then most recently we talked about all various ways to streamline your Laravel codebases. We’re currently thinking up topics for a new mini-series so make sure to subscribe!

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