Jim Galiano on Finding a Successful, LongTerm Hosting Solution With Cloudways

Jim Galiano on Finding a Successful, Long-Term Hosting Solution With Cloudways

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I’ve had the opportunity to test out many hosting solutions over the years, but now I’ve finally settled down with the best: Cloudways.

It didn’t come to that easily, though. It was a journey of discovery, and to give you a clear picture of why Cloudways has proven to be the best hosting solution for me and why it should be your next web host, I’ll start from the beginning.

I’ve been in the “digital agency” business since 1998, and some of the most successful services I’ve sold (or resold) have been web hosting and website updates.

In the past, I’ve lost a few clients here and there due to web hosting issues, so I know from firsthand experience how important it is to have a reliable hosting service at the foundation of your online presence.

Changing Technologies

I’ve done my best to keep pace with changing technologies over the years. We started developing websites solely with WordPress back in 2008-2009. As WordPress itself developed, website functionalities increased and along came the demand for increased server resources.

As far as servers go, I usually purchased what I like to call “middle-of-the-road products.” They weren’t cheap, but neither were they expensive or high-end. Simply put, if the clients weren’t complaining, I wasn’t either.

The First Few Resource Issues & Server Limitations

The very first issues I faced, as far as server limitations go, came with my personal sites.

Like most in this space, I like to experiment. So I purchased a few scripts but discovered that they wouldn’t run properly on the server. Yes, I could get them to run, but certain limitations kept me from using the scripts the way they were designed to be used.

One script, for example, required a cron job to run every minute. Most shared hosting plans only allow cron jobs to run at 15-minute intervals, though, since excessive cron jobs can cause high loads on the server. Another popular WordPress security script occasionally caused a spike in resources and one of my websites got flagged and shut down.

But then it also happened with a client’s site; the security plugin was using too many resources and I received a warning.

Most hosts don’t inform you of these limitations when you sign up with them. You think you have everything you need until you don’t and little problems like these pop up without warning. That’s when you realize you need a better solution.

Dedicated Servers and VPS

If you’re running a small, local business like many of my clients were at the time, server resources and heavy traffic may not be an issue. But once you start focusing more on content creation and eCommerce, however, that can change quickly.

So at this point, I started looking into other hosting options that would go above and beyond what we were currently using. In the back of my mind,



This article was written by Mustaasam Saleem and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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