João Santos Interview – Illustration and Visual Arts Insights and Tips

João Santos Interview - Illustration and Visual Arts Insights and Tips

Hello people! If you enjoyed our past interviews with your favorite WordPress professionals, stay with us once again because today we’ll be talking about a beautiful topic: arts. João Santos will share with us his deliciously honest learnings from years of creating illustrations and comics for the web.

Before that, allow me to briefly mention our latest interview from WordCamp Europe with Valentina Thörner about what it takes to be a lead support engineer and how to make your customers happy. You’ll find valuable advice on this one.

When it comes to our today’s guest, João Santos, let’s just say he’s been a friendly figure in our team for a few years now. He is helping us create quality WordPress comics for our blogs and social media channels.

His personality will quickly emerge from what you’ll read next. What we appreciate about him, aside from his professionalism, is his straightforward attitude, his way of staying true to himself, and how freely he manages to cope with work and life.

As simple as it might sound, João didn’t pick up any productivity techniques or role models throughout his freelancing career; he just gets things done. And does them from the heart and with an open mind. He describes his work as messy, which didn’t really surprise me… Aren’t all artists like that?

João Santos was very natural and frank in feeding our curiosities about his job, and you’ll learn a lot from him no matter if you’re an illustrator or not.

And, by the way, if you’re looking for a trustworthy visual artist, he’s the guy.

João Santos Interview – “Doing Artwork Is Like Playing the Telephone Game”

When and how did you start working with WordPress? Is there an interesting story here?

I think I started experimenting with WordPress around 2010. I was making a portfolio website for myself, learning some web design basics as I went along. At some point I read something about WordPress and how ‘the loop’ worked and started adapting the static design I had created so far to a WordPress theme. A little bit after that, I joined a project with some friends, where I wrote articles about entertainment and other topics, and we wanted to create a type of social network for bloggers.

Since we were such a small team and only a couple of us had some programming skills, we had to wear a lot of hats and trying to build that website was my first key test.

Afterward, because of that experience, I landed some web design / dev works. During that period, I was always working on stuff that was above my skill set. I was asked to create a website with an inventory of thousands of products and their manufacturers, that needed to be related to different documents, that in turn would be accessible depending on different user levels. All of that on top of a lot of quirky functionalities asked by the client.

After it was built, the client decided he also wanted



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