Kinsta vs. WPEngine: An Honest Review

Kinsta vs. WPEngine: An Honest Review • WPShout

Are you struggling to choose between Kinsta vs. WP Engine as your managed WordPress host of choice? If you just want to make a quick decision, here it is:

Best Managed WordPress Hosting: Kinsta

Kinsta’s managed hosting customers are happier than WP Engine’s in large, unbiased customer surveys. Since the two hosts’ offerings are extremely similar, this is good reason to favor Kinsta.

WP Engine is a fine choice, too, and offers slightly more hardware in its cheapest tier, but Kinsta gets the nod overall.

Both of these hosts are 100% focused on WordPress, with similar feature lists and price points. More importantly, both also have excellent performance and, for the most part, happy customers.

Overall, Kinsta performs slightly better than WP Engine in the objective data that we’ve looked at. However, WP Engine is still among the better-performing managed WordPress hosts, so that’s mostly a compliment to Kinsta as opposed to a slight to WP Engine.

You can read summary data on both Kinsta and WP Engine in our list of the Best WordPress Hosts of 2020. In this hosting comparison, we’ll dive even deeper to take you through the data that we’re using to help you choose the best host for your site.

Let’s dig in…

Kinsta vs. WP Engine: Quick Summary

If you’re short on time, here are the broad conclusions of our comparison (keep reading to see all the data and facts that back this up):

  • On aggregate, real hosting users are happier with Kinsta than they are with WP Engine.
  • Kinsta and WP Engine are two of the best managed WordPress hosting providers, so you won’t make a disastrous decision either way.
  • Kinsta and WP Engine both offer excellent performance, each earning Top Tier status in Review Signal’s performance benchmarks.
  • WP Engine’s entry-level plan gives you slightly more resources than Kinsta at an identical price point.
  • People are a bit happier with Kinsta’s support, but happy in both cases. Note that Kinsta’s support is chat-only, while WP Engine has phone support for all plans except its cheapest tier.

So, in sum: If you’re looking for outstanding managed WordPress hosting, go with Kinsta.

Or, if you need phone support, want slightly more resources on an entry-level plan, or have another reason to prefer WP Engine, then choose WP Engine; it’s a fine choice too.

Kinsta and WP Engine: Similar Managed Hosting Offerings

If you’re still in the early stages of your search, you should know that Kinsta and WP Engine both have a similar approach to WordPress hosting.

They’re both true managed WordPress hosts (see here for a rundown of what managed WordPress hosting is) that give you:

  • Server-level performance optimizations and caching
  • Managed WordPress features such as automatic backups and updates, staging sites, etc.
  • Security rules and firewalls




This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WPShout.

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